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Biomass Wood, Pellet & Chip Boilers

For Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Swansea Area.

1) Overview of Wood Biomass

Unlike fossil fuel, wood is a renewable form of energy. When burnt the carbon dioxide (CO²) that is released into the atmosphere is only the CO² that the plant would release when it died and decomposed. In other words, it creates a ‘closed carbon cycle’ where the same amount of CO² is absorbed from the atmosphere by the biomass as is released when it is burnt, making it carbon neutral.

Even allowing for emissions of fossil carbon dioxide in planting, harvesting, processing and transporting the fuel, replacing fossil fuel with wood fuel will typically reduce net co² emissions by 90%.

Biomass boilers are very efficient. Using the best of modern technology, biomass boilers can achieve over 90% efficiency – dramatically more than conventional boilers. Sophisticated control systems and burn efficiency means that heat and fuel are not wasted. There is very little ash, and the small amount that is produced can go straight onto your garden as fertilizer.

2) Benefit of Wood Fuels

  • Cheaper than fossil fuels
  • Highly efficient heating combustion methods
  • Renewable form of energy
  • Reduces reliance on fossil fuels
  • Work efficiently with both underfloor or radiator systems
  • Encourages local energy production and consumption
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eliminates acid rain (biomass contains no sulphur)
  • Reduces amounts of landfill (waste wood used as biomass fuel)
  • Promotes biodiversity through the sustainable management of woodlands
  • Will help to minimize the impact of haulage costs

3) Methods of using wood for fuel

Wood is a very versatile fuel and can be burned in many different forms to provide space and water heating. The most common forms are logs, chips and pellets. Historically wood fuelled heating had it draw backs as it lacked controllability. This is no longer the case with wood fuelled boilers and stoves using thermostats to program temperature settings.

  • Logs

Logs are the most common form of wood fuel available in the UK. Log boilers, when burned at full capacity can have efficiencies of up to 92%. Log boilers, however are the least ‘automated’ of the biomass boilers and need to be refueled at least once a day during the heating season, however fuel is cheaper in this form as it requires less processing than wood chip or pellet and it has a higher density than per tonne.

  • Chip

Wood chips are simply wood that has been chipped to a consistent size. Wood chips can be made from either recycled wood or specially grown crops (e.g.: willow coppice)

Wood chips require less processing than wood pellets but have a lower energy density (less energy per tonne). They therefore require much more storage space and a larger fuel handling systems to enable then to run unaided for the same time span as pellets. As such wood chips are not generally suitable for outputs less than 50KW (most domestic situations)

  • Pellets

Wood pellets in the form of sawdust, recycled pallets or specially grown crops such as willow coppice are dried and processed into easily combustible pellet form.

As with logs, pellets can be used to fuel stoves and pellet burning boilers. Pellet boilers require less attention compared to both log and chip systems and are the most convenient wood fuel to use for a domestic setting. Integral fuel hoppers store enough pellets for 1 – 3 days operation and the ash pan only needs to be cleaned out between a month and once a year depending on the boiler. When connected to a large store the boiler can be supplied with pellets for up to one year, enabling cheaper bulk deliveries. Wood pellets are as convenient as using gas or oil with boilers operate at high efficiencies of up to 92%. Wood pellets require a lot less storage space than logs or wood chip.

4) About the biomass wood boiler we supply

Green Warmth supply and install a range of quality biomass boilers for logs, pellet and chip installations ranging from 10 kw for the smallest domestic pellet boilers through to 5000 kw for the largest chip boiler for commercial installations.


We offer a range of biomass boiler’s which are all reliable trouble free and vary in degree of maintenance level and build quality. The basic rule of thumb is the cheaper the model the higher the level of maintenance required.

For example: A more expensive boiler would only need the ash pan empting one or twice in a heating season depending on the size of the boiler. A lower priced boiler would need to be cleaned and have its ash pan removed once a week, amounting to about 30 minute work per week.

Green Warmth have established associations with several of the leading manufacturer’s in Europe to offer a comprehensive range of biomass boilers, which enables us to provide a solution for every requirement. Please see table below for the biomass solutions we can provide:-

Product Model Boiler size in KW Burns
Log fired boiler
Purge MC 5-20 5 -20 Logs
MC 5-30 5-30 Logs
MC 5-40 15-40 Logs
Froling’s FHG Turbo 3000 20–70 Logs
Pellet Boiler
Froling’s P2 Pellet Boiler 10 – 25 Wood Pellet
KWB Easyfire 10 – 30 Wood Pellet
P & H PH12 Compact/Central 12 Wood Pellet
NBE Scotte / Biocomfort Burner 15 - 250 Wood Pellet
OPOP Boiler 15 – 120 Wood Pellet
DOR Boiler 15 - 45 Wood Pellet
Wood Pellet / Chip
KWB Multifire 15 – 100 Wood Pellets & Wood Chip
Froling’s Turbomatic 28 - 110 Wood chips, Shavings, Pellet & fire wood
P & H PH23 Compact/Central 23 Wood Pellet/Wood Chip
PH47 Compact/Central 48 Wood Pellet/Chip
PH97 Stoker 97 Wood Pellet/Chip

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Biomass Boilers

Unlike fossil fuel, wood is a renewable form of energy. When burnt the carbon dioxide (CO²)

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