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Geothermal Ground, Air, Exhaust and Waste Source Heat Pumps

     for Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Swansea Area.

1) Overview of Heat Pumps

Example of a Heat PumpThe earth, water and air have the ability to absorb and store heat from the sun, a heat pump takes this renewable energy store and transfers it into your building. This supplies all of the energy required for a home’s heating and hot water system or commercial building.

A heat pump works on the same principle as a fridge but in reverse. A fridge uses a refrigerant to extract heat from the inside of your fridge, which it then expels to keep the contents of the fridge cool. By using the same process, heat pumps take heat from an ambient heat source or waste energy to heat your water. Ambient heat can be obtained from water, air, ground and waste or exhaust energy from the home or industrial processes

The efficiency of a heat pump is measured in Coefficient of Performance (CoP). For every 1 unit of electricity used an average of 4 units of heat are produced meaning 75% of your energy comes from your own renewable energy source, and the other 25% comes from the electricity used to drive the heat pump. A heat pump, operating on a ‘green electricity’ supply, offers emissions-free heating.

2) Key Benefits or Heat Pumps

  • Can provide ALL of your heating and hot water requirements.
  • Low running costs. Saves up to 85% of energy costs against conventional heating systems.
  • Heat pumps produce no local CO2 emissions and if you combine this with the use of ‘green’ electricity, you will be providing a fossil fuel free system.
  • Proven technology
  • 20 years + system lifetime with no annual maintenance.
  • For every 1 unit of electricity used an average of 4 units of heat is produced depending on which product you choose.
  • The Average energy efficiency over a period of 1 year is 400% compared to boilers that are typically between 70 - 95%.
  • You will no longer require a gas or oil boiler.
  • Compliments underfloor heating.
  • Can be used to heat swimming pools.
  • Heat pumps maintain there efficiency overtime whereas boilers need to be serviced

3) Method’s of collecting ambient or exhaust heat

Heat Pump - Horizontal Closed Ground LoopsHorizontal Closed Ground Loops
Where there is enough land available, the heat exchanger consists of a sealed loop of polyethylene pipe buried horizontally in trenches approximately 1 - 1½ metres deep. The pipe is filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze, which circulates through the ground loop, collecting
energy, which is then transferred to the heat pump.

Heat Pump - Vertical Closed Ground LoopVertical Closed Ground Loop
Where space is tight, vertical boreholes may be the answer. They can range from 25m - 150m deep. A closed U-tube is placed in the borehole and a mixture of water and anti-freeze is circulated to collect energy.

Heat Pump - Air Source SystemAir Source System
This harnesses solar energy found in the outdoor air. These are ideal for homes with limited outside space or those not suitable for a ground loop or bore hole. With no need for ground works, installation costs are kept to a minimum.

Heat Pump - Exhaust Air systemExhaust Air system
This extracts heat energy from the warm/wet areas of the building (such as bathrooms and kitchens). Heat is removed from the air and transferred into the heat pump’s circuit. Exhaust air is then discharged to the outside. This system should provide all of the heating requirement, except in
the coldest conditions where an integral immersion
heater provides any additional energy required.

Heat Pump - Vertical Open LoopsVertical Open Loops
This is a cost effective option if ground water is plentiful. Ground water is pumped from an aquifer, through a heat exchanger, which then transfers the energy to the heat pump.


Heat Pump - Closed Pond LoopsClosed Pond Loops
If your building is near a body of water such as a large lake or pond this is most likely to be the most economical solution for your building. The mixture of water and anti-freeze circulates through polyethylene piping in a closed system underwater.

4) About the heat pumps we supply

Green Warmth supply heat pumps produced by two of the leading manufactures in Europe Nibe and Thermia. This enables us to offer a range of heat pumps that extract heat energy from either, ground, air, water, exhaust or waste energy for a small domestic building to a large commercial building/buildings.

Our heat pump systems range from a single 4kw unit to multiple units with a single controller producing around 360kw.

Ground Source Heat Pump
Nibe produce three different models of ground-source heat pump with 19 different variations available, ranging from 5 kw to 40 kw. By combining heat pumps, it is possible to achieve an output of 360KW. Thermia produce three different models of heat pump with 18 different variations available ranging from a 4KW to a 45 KW their heat pumps can also be connected to provide an output of 300KW.

Air Source Heat Pump
Nibe and Thermia both supply Air Source Heat Pumps. These units provide a good alternative to a Ground Source Heat Pump as they do not require any ground works. It is recognised that Air Source Heat Pumps independently, are unable to cover the heat requirement, during extremely cold periods. They have therefore been produced with an integral immersion heater, which is only activated during exceptionally cold periods, offering a cost effective alternative solution to a ground source heat pump

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps
Nibe provide exhaust air heat pumps, suitable for smaller well-insulated properties. These can provide both heating and domestic hot water even in the coldest conditions with an integral immersion heater. Heat recovery ensures a healthy and comfortable form of heating; it also produces considerable savings in terms of heat energy, along with CO2 emissions. Nibe produces five different types of Exhaust Air Heat pumps.

Air Source Heat Pump
Example of Air Source Heat Pump

Heat Pumps

The earth, water and air have the ability to absorb and store heat from the sun

Heat Pumps

Biomass Boilers

Unlike fossil fuel, wood is a renewable form of energy. When burnt the carbon dioxide (CO²)

Biomass Boilers


Solar Heating is a rapidly growing market in the UK. As solar thermal technology does

Solar

Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating works by pumping controlled flows of warm water from a heat

Under Floor Heating

Heat Recovery

We now provide solutions for Heat Recovery and Comfort Conditioning.

Heat Recovery

Other Services

We can provide solutions for other renewable energy products, depending on the requirement.

Other Services

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